Canon Girls take on Charleston

A year ago today I was wrapping up an amazing weekend in Charleston. A bit of a “MomTogCation” if you will...

About 2 1/2 years ago when my soul had been crushed , this beautiful salty air loving woman came into my life. I don’t think either of us knew how amazing our friendship would become- we just knew we connected and ran with it. Erica and I found we have a lot in common, but the main things were we both loved being mommas to our little ones and had this desire to grow our passions and show our littles that dreams take work but it’s worth it!

A passing comment about how we need to lock ourselves in a hotel room and work on our businesses to follow through on this crazy dream became a reality last February when we met in the middle in Charleston along with 2 other amazing “MomTogs” who just needed a time to focus on ourselves and our dreams.

Rainbow Row

Rainbow Row


Little did I know that it would be the start to 2 more amazing friendships. Erica, Joanna and Shelby- Thank you! Thank you for all the late night conversations, encouragement, opinions and advice on this journey. I honestly don’t know where I would be without you! I’ve never felt so blessed to have found you and call you my friends!!

P.S. A reunion trip is a fabulous idea ;)


On the way home I made a little detour to see the Angel Oak…If you ever get the chance GO-It’s absolutely breathtaking!


Derrick + Angel

I've known Derrick for forever it seems-so when he asked me to be a part of his and Angel's wedding day I was over the moon. I just knew that it was going to be a beautiful day! After talking to the two of them and getting the run down on their vision for the start of their married life together I was all in!

Intimate ceremonies have my heart...gathering your family and the true friends that you hold close and have been there and will continue to be speaks to me. I was in awe of how their garden ceremony was brought to life and the joy that radiated from them both. 



Thank you again DnA for giving me the honor and privilege of capturing your perfectly beautiful day!  


{Baby} Ashlyn

I'm digging into the archives for today's blog. This little beautiful baby girl just turned 1 yesterday and I never even highlighted her newborn session! Can you believe that??

So in honor of her 1st Birthday, I'd like you to meet "baby" Ashlyn...

So many smiles from everyone!

It has been such a joy watching you grow over the last year! I can't wait to see what the future has in store for you!! Happy 1st Birthday sweet girl!

The Seek Family {A Cocoa Beach Vacation Family Session}

Meet the Seek Family! This fun family contacted me to capture some fun memories for them this summer and I was so excited to meet them! 

They came all the way from Missouri to have their adorable boys see the main Mouse and dip their toes in the ocean earlier this month.

Watching the boys laugh and run from the waves was so much fun I almost forgot it was 100 degrees out that morning ;)

Cuteness overload with these 3!! 

I LOVE sneaking a few shots of mom and dad! After all, in the beginning it was just the 2 of you!

Thank you again for choosing me to capture those adorable smiles! Welcome to the Riley James Family! xo

Andy and Robin's Beach Wedding

I am BEYOND excited to share with you Andy and Robin's wedding that took place last week on the beautiful shores of New Smyrna Beach. 

When Robin and I met {by chance} a while back at a friend's house, I mentioned in passing that I'm a photographer- her eyes lit up and she whispered to me that she was need for one for her wedding. I passed along my info and woke up to a message from her the following morning. I was so excited when we spoke and she told me with was an intimate beachside wedding!!! You mean I get to photograph a wedding AND stick my toes in the sand while breathing in the salty air that feeds my soul? I'm in!!! 

Needless to say it was a beautiful morning with lots of laughter! Congrats Robin and Andy!! 


Thank you SO much for allowing me to be a part of this beautiful day! xo

My Big Announcement...

So if you've been following me on Facebook or Instagram lately I've kind of been hinting around that I have been working on something behind the scenes and have an announcement to make this week. Given that it's the middle of the week I thought today would be a great day to share with everyone! 

 A lot of photographers like to refer to Wednesdays as "Wedding Wednesday", because who doesn't love a little alliteration right? It's typically when they share their images and blog about the wedding they had the weekend prior. So why the sudden lesson on Photographers and their love for alliteration? Because...I'm SO excited to announce

Riley James Photography is now available for Intimate Weddings!


I've been wanting to make this leap for some time now and after second shooting with my friend Amy- it was an easy decisions to make! Keep scrolling to see some of my favorites!

I love capturing all the little details of a wedding day! 

Stunning Brides make for stunning Portraits!

I'm excited that I have another 2 weddings this year and I am now booking 2018 brides! 

Email me with any questions you may have regarding coverage of your Intimate Wedding at 

I'd love to hear from you!! 

Thank you for all your love and continued support! It truly means the world to me! xo


Happy Birthday!

The 4th of July - Swimming, BBQ's, and of course fireworks!! All to celebrate the birthday of our Nation.

Today I also celebrate my firework of a friend Adrienne!! 

Anyone who knows "A", knows that any other day just wouldn't do her birthday! This year she celebrates the start of another decade of life and laughs! I just knew we had to do something epically awesome to kick it off and she was gracious enough to indulge me!

I can honestly say I don't think I have ever laughed so much or so hard during a session!! 


May your year be filled with as many laughs and smiles as we had this day- Love ya!!

Happy 40th Birthday Adrienne!! xoxo

Meet Gabi

As Senior Week comes to a close for me I thought I'd change things up a bit! I've know Gabi for a few years now, so when she wanted to come along on my model call I couldn't refuse!

Meet Gabi!

Gabi is homeschooled along with her 4 siblings. Her passion is dancing and has been doing it competitively for years. 

We had such a wonderful time catching up and enjoying the amazing weather! And I loved her outfit choice! The juxtaposition with the urban background and her lace was gorgeous!

Can't wait to get you back in front of my camera for your Senior portraits if not before then!

Meet Alexia!

The old saying about how kids grow up in the blink of an eye is SO true! And I'm not even talking about my own! I've had the privilege to watch today's spotlight student grow up over the last 13 years! Meet Alexia!

Alexia is getting ready to finish up her Junior year at Lyman High School where she's on the Tennis team. 

She has a personality that is as radiant as she is gorgeous and has a smile that lights up a room- seriously...Look at it!

Alexia is looking forward to the summer and plans to spend some time volunteering at the hospital as well as get some quality time in at the beach!

Can't wait to see what the future holds for you Alexia!

Meet Will

I would like to introduce you to Will...

Will just finished up homeschooling this month and come December he will have his AA as well! He enjoys playing the guitar and racquetball. And just started his first job!

I'm positive his mom is super proud of the young man he has become! Good luck in all your future endeavors Will!! Thanks for being the lone brave guy on our model shoot!

Meet Camryn!

I've had the pleasure of knowing today's Senior for a few years and I had to do a double take when she told me she's in her Senior Year...Meet Camryn!!

Camryn is a Senior at Seminole High School. She plays the clarinet in the school band and is also a member of the French National Honor Society. 

The skies cleared just in time for our session and we had the most beautiful light and location to play around with. 

Camryn is going away to college this year and is looking forward to new experiences and creating new friendships! Good Luck Camryn! Can't wait to see what your future holds!

Meet Kaitlyn!

Senior Week is here!! I have been waiting for this! 

Graduation is quickly approaching for this senior being showcased today! And I am honored to say that I will be in attendance! It wasn't long after my own High School graduation that she made it into the world and stole my heart...Meet Kaitlyn-my niece. 

I still can't believe she's a SENIOR! She is more stunning then I could ever imagine and helps me stay up to date on the latest tech stuff ;) 

She makes me laugh and makes me beyond proud!

I'm so proud of her loving and caring spirit. The way she focuses on family and all her little cousins that look up to and admire her. 

I can't wait to see what the future brings you KK! 

Follow your heart and know that we all LOVE you so very much!

And YES, we will be at every game you play in our state and more than likely scream loudly and embarrass you...all out of love, of course ;) GO COOGS!!

Music Mondays

Welcome to my new blog series- Music Mondays! 

As I was driving this morning I realized how much I miss music. Now don't get me wrong, we listen to music all the know, wheels on the bus, keeping our eyes on Jesus, Jingle Bells, Disney movie soundtracks, and the toddler playlist goes on and on.

I vaguely remember the days of driving with the windows down blaring Violent Femmes or Alanis Morissette belting out meaningful lyrics at the top of my lungs. Or more recently a mix of current top hits while driving briefly to and from sessions. But I recently did a short road trip by myself in the car and took FULL advantage of the radio freedom. Enter Adele... One name, one amazing voice, one obsession! 

Apparently I was a good girl because Santa left this little gem in my stocking a few months back

I don't think there is a single track I don't like- I mean how could you not like something Adele sings?! But this recent road trip made me realize that I need to update my seriously lacking musical playlists. Enter Music Mondays!! So tell me what you're currently listening to, obsessing over, or you consider a must check out album. In the meantime, I'll be wearing a hole into this CD, drinking massive amounts of coffee while nursing my little ones back to health after the flu.

And -yes I know, I think I'm the only person left on the planet listening to CDs. 


RJP's 1st Blog Ever!!

Yay! It's my fist Blog with RJP!

To be honest, I'm not exactly sure how this is supposed to go, so lets's just roll with it! I'm super excited to share more with you here- More behind the scenes, more images, and more about me and my passion. 

I've had so many amazing things happen lately and YES I will try to blog about them all! But I thought I would start it off with an inspiring and amazing birth session I had the honor and privilege to be at. Now, before you freak out and think "I Really Don't Want to See a Baby Being Born" Birth Photography is SOOOOOOO much more than that! It's a chance to capture the journey and emotion of people's lives that are about to change and never be the same. So please give it a chance...I promise you won't regret it! 

*If you or someone you know is interested in having their birth story photographed feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!